Our service

A network of Secrétaires, available whenever and wherever.

your secrétaire, AVAILABLE anytime, ANywhere 

A courteous and knowledgeable Secrétaire, connected to a worldwide network, is ready to give you live and up-to-the-minute assistance - with your work, personal life or travels.

We do your ‘to do’ list, handling with ease to make life simple and manageable. Interactions are never automated; you are always talking to a real human being. Prefer to talk on the phone? No problem. Your Secrétaire is always ready to call you back!


Your Secrétaire helps you focus on your work and professional life when you need to, from assistance with administrative tasks, calls or making appointments to assistance with research, recruitment or planning professional meetings or events.
Your Secrétaire can also help organise and coordinate your travel and reservations, ensuring the best prices and conditions for accommodation (hotels, apartments and more), dining, transportation (planes, trains, taxis and more), and entertainment. All the time-consuming formalities are taken care of for you.


Your Secrétaire takes care of those little things that can take up so much of your personal time: administrative tasks, calls and reservations, finding service providers, purchases and personal gifts and travel and leisure activity planning.  

Your Secrétaire is also there for special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, marriage proposals, weddings, and personal events, from the traditional to the eccentric, and everything in-between.


Your Secrétaire provides personalised suggestions on things to see and do across the globe, always keeping in mind activities and experiences that complement your interests and personality: from restaurants to artisanal courses, bicycle rentals or a personal guided tour with a local; we will accommodate your every request. These suggestions are custom-designed according to your location and the information you share in real time with your Secretaire.

We pride ourselves on our Secrétaires’ skills in establishing a close relationship with clients to better understand their requests and personal preferences. Users can rate and review each Secretaire to ensure a high level of satisfaction and continuous improvement of service

examples of requests

I’m at the airport, is it possible to recommend a few rooftop bars for a drink on arrival?

Can you call my (very hard to reach) dentist and make an appointment for next week? 

Could you help me meet someone who is an expert on vintage clothing?

Can you help me find a trusted nanny to take care of my son tomorrow night?

I need to recruit a social media specialist to help me promote my website. Can you find someone based in Los Angeles?

I left my glasses on the plane. Can you contact lost and found at Zurich airport?

Can you help me find & meet a Princeton alumnus who can give me a private tour and application advice?

Can you send me my boarding pass for my flight tomorrow? A window seat if possible, no need for extra luggage.

Can you help me find & meet a local New Yorker who really knows the local club scene and would be happy to show me the nightlife?

It’s my mother’s birthday this week and I don’t have time to organize a gift. She loves chocolates so can you deliver a box of the best chocolates to her?

Can you help us arrange a lunch for 15 people? It will follow an investor meeting and we’d love an unusual place in London
Can you call my son’s school to let them know that I will be 15 minutes late to pick him up?