Clé Privée in a few words

Clé Privée is a worldwide network of skilled and trusted Secrétaires, accessible anytime and anywhere from your mobile phone. Our Secrétaires are trained in concierge and administration, with a global knowledge and understanding, continuously assessed by users of our service for their efficiency, knowledge and courtesy.

Combining traditional high-end client service, personal interaction and prevailing digital technologies, users chat and make requests in real time with their Secrétaire. Clé Privée accompanies you on life’s incredible journey and we are ready to help you achieve serenity and efficiency at work, in your personal life, and on the road. We live for the art of individualized service at Clé Privée.


In each person’s heart, there is a longing to be understood and a yearning for freedom. Clé Privée is sensitive to the aspiration of our clients to live life on their own terms, discovering amazing places and experiencing exciting new things that fit their personal tastes, with the time and energy to live in the moment. Your Clé Privée Secrétaire is available whenever, wherever, to free you from the monotony of day-to-day tasks and accompany you throughout your travels, whatever the itinerary may be, so you have the chance to dedicate your time to what’s most important: yourself.

Today, the word ‘luxury’ - often used in a generic manner on websites or advertising - takes on its full meaning when tailored to each individual’s desires, which may change from one context to another or evolve over time. We believe personalized luxury goes beyond its traditional sense to mean having time and energy for the things that matter.

Our old-fashioned approach to service is centered on personal interaction with our clients. The Clé Privée mobile application is based on our desire to stay in touch and in-tune with each individual. We don’t suggest any ready-made or prearranged offers or ideas; we are only guided by the expectations of our clients, to make sure they experience events, outings, or whatever else they possibly desire, tailored to their taste, when at home or away.

We welcome you to Clé Privée, and wish you a smooth and stress free life, at work, at home or on the move.

OUR historY

Founded in 2011, Clé Privée’s mission was to provide its first clients with unique, worldwide experiences in the art of living, ranging from travels to refined culinary arts experiences, and even private encounters with expert artisans.

Our initial clients were pleased with the custom experiences provided and the way they were planned and they quickly started requesting assistance with their day-to-day tasks and travel needs, beyond special occasions. As the demand for these services grew, we realized that our clients could benefit from a network of Secrétaires fully dedicated to making life easier and more enjoyable.

Today, at the forefront of dedicated and ongoing personal assistance, Clé Privée offers an unprecedented and unrivalled service to our clients.